St. John’s Ace of Clubs

Location: St. John's R.C.A., 10 Bennett Avenue ~ 753-5821

Book a Game? Need a Partner? call us at 576-6684

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ACBL Bridge Bites ~ 160 Helpful Hints ~ see link below


We promote Non-Playing Certified Directors

All are welcome ... If you need a partner we will find you one

We provide Bridgemates for Instant Scoring of Results

We provide printed Hand Records for all games

We use PlayBridgeDealer4, a Professional Card Dealing Machine, for speed and accuracy

We use Deep Finesse to give Instant Analysis of Makable Contracts

Our Internet Site is User Interactive ~ TRY IT


Bridge Links

ACBL Bridge Bites ~ 160 Helpful Hints

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Canadian Bridge Federation

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American Contract Bridge League

The Fifth Chair

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